Database: U.S. Mayors who Support Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger

On Thursday, more than 50 mayors from across the United States endorsed a letter to the FCC in support of a proposed merger between telecommunication giants Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable. Click here to read the letter.

The mayors said the represent cities that have worked previously with Comcast or Time Warner, calling the corporations “stalwart community partners who contribute to, and invest in, the communities in which they do business.”

“The combination of these two American companies will bring benefits to every city,” the mayors wrote, notably that the merged companies would provide communities with “faster internet speeds” and “improved video options.”

Critics have argued that a merger could threaten the open internet as both companies have lobbied Congress in the past against legislation that promotes network neutrality.

A list of mayors who endorsed the Comcast-Time Warner Merger on Thursday appears below alongside their e-mail addresses and office phone numbers:

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(Source for e-mail and phone numbers: City/township websites)