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Exclusive: KFBK eliminates sports from newscasts

KFBK’s new logo bearing the FM frequency change. (Photo: KFBK/Facebook)

Sacramento station KFBK is eliminating sports analysis and reports from their air in a shake-up that will see a renewed focus on news and commentary programming.

On Thursday, KFBK (1530 AM / 93.1 FM) announced it would no longer carry sports coverage in its news broadcasts because “people don’t come to KFBK for sports,” according to a person familiar with the move.

Bill Herenda, who once served as KFBK’s sports anchor, will no longer be a part of the station’s newscasts. Contributor Pat Walsh will continue to produce talk programming for KFBK but will stop delivering sports analysis and reports during afternoon news broadcasts.

The changes were confirmed to The Desk by two people, including a current employee, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the moves. Station employees learned about the coverage changes in an announcement made by KFBK Programming Director Bill White.

White has not yet responded to an e-mail seeking comment. An attempt to contact him by phone Friday afternoon was unsuccessful.