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Sinclair launches over-the-top streaming solution STIRR

The Buzzr network as it appears on STIRR, a new streaming network from Sinclair Broadcasting Group.
The Buzzr network as it appears on STIRR, a new streaming network from Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

Sinclair Broadcasting has entered into the crowded streaming TV market with a new service that brings free local programming and other content to consumers over the Internet.

STIRR aims to bring a mixture of locally-produced news and other programming from 190 Sinclair-owned television stations across the country along with more than a dozen live streams of national networks.

The 20 networks available at launch include Buzzr, a Fremantle-owned game show network and Comet, a science fiction-themed TV network jointly programmed by Sinclair and MGM Studios. Buzzr is available on digital TV in major markets across the country and was previously made available on Pluto TV, a rival streaming platform.

“We are entering a new era of broadcast television and our number one priority at Sinclair is to help advance the industry and increase access to broadcast content in the midst of a digital age,” Sinclair executive Christopher Ripley said in a press release. “With the launch of STIRR, we intend to offer audiences an easy, convenient and free way to watch live local and national channels, as well as access a deep selection of on-demand programming.”

STIRR will also feature a curated local channel that aggregates news, sports and other programming based on a user’s location. Outside of Sinclair’s own Stadium network, the broadcaster has little in the way of self-produced sports programming, but that could change as Sinclair is a contender for several regional sports networks that Fox will have to divest as part of a takeover bid from Disney.

STIRR is available to stream now on browser-based PCs and an app is available for iOS, Android, Roku and Apple TV.