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Local TV relaunches stations under Talk brand

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Local TV has affixed its “Talk” brand to eight of its local television stations in the United Kingdom.

The rebranding brings the local stations under a common identity with Talk TV, the national news and commentary channel launched by Rupurt Murdoch’s News UK in 2022.

Despite the rebranding, Local TV and Talk TV will remain separately-owned entities. Local TV began simulcasting some Talk TV programming its local television channels earlier this year.

Local TV holds the broadcast license for channels 7 and 8 in various parts of the United Kingdom. The licenses were awarded to increase competition and to promote locally-produced programming among British broadcasters, which have long been dominated by national television networks like the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

“Local TV remains entirely committed to its remit to serve local audiences with local content,” Lesley Mackenzie, the CEO of Local TV, said in a statement. “This rebranding simply better articulates our proposition to our local audiences. Partnering with a national broadcaster is key to the model for local TV provision, and in Talk TV, we have a partner who really adds value and is compatible to our offer.”

The rebranding affects the following channels:

  • Talk Birmingham (formerly Local TV Birmingham)
  • Talk Bristol (formerly Local TV Bristol)
  • Talk Cardiff (formerly Local TV Cardiff)
  • Talk Leeds (formerly Local TV Leeds)
  • Talk Liverpool (formerly Local TV Liverpool)
  • Talk TV North Wales (formerly Local TV North Wales)
  • Talk TV Teesside (formerly Local TV Teesside)
  • Talk TV Tyne & Wear (formerly Local TV Tyne & Wear)

Richard Wallace, the executive in charge of Talk TV, said he was “delighted to extend our partnership with Local TV.”

“These eight local stations benefit from the great content we’re producing within Talk TV, including the award-winning broadcast talent that is Piers Morgan, and content from our new-launch breakfast show, Talk Today, with Jeremy Kyle and Nicola Thorp,” Wallace said on Thursday.

The local Talk stations are available on Freeview channels 7 or 8, depending on the broadcast area, and on Virgin Media Channel 159.

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Get stories like these in your inbox, plus free breaking news alerts on business and policy matters involving media and tech.

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