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MyBundle.TV inks deal with rural broadband group

The logo of streaming TV marketplace MyBundle.TV (Image courtesy MyBundle.TV/Graphic by The Desk)

Streaming marketplace MyBundle.TV says it has entered into a strategic partnership with the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) that will help rural broadband providers get streaming video services in front of more customers.

The partnership, announced in a press release on Tuesday, will help both sides as MyBundle.TV has the potential to reach customers of more than 1,500 small- and mid-sized rural broadband companies while those companies in turn get access to the MyBundle.TV platform, which counts over 150 streaming video services available through its marketplace.

“This partnership is a natural fit for NRTC and MyBundle.TV,” Jason Cohen, the co-founder and chief executive of MyBundle.TV, said in a statement. “By giving their members convenience, control and choice through our powerful, yet simple tools, NRTC’s members can increase broadband penetration and offer their subscribers a helping hand without spending the time, capital and effort themselves.”

MyBundle.TV helps customers choose between live and on-demand streaming services to satiate their general entertainment and information needs. The service launched in early 2019 as a way for ordinary consumers to “bundle” streaming services together, and Cohen quickly began receiving phone calls from cable companies who were interested in a white-label version of their product to offer to their own customers.

Since then, the service has grown to include partnerships with over 100 broadband companies that reach more than 9 million customers across the country, MyBundle.TV said. The company generates revenue through subscription sales from some streaming services as well as through its partnerships with broadband Internet companies.

Getting MyBundle.TV in front of rural broadband customers makes a lot of sense: Smaller providers generally lack the funds, time or knowledge needed to build a streaming marketplace platform of their own, but their infrastructure is more than capable of handling streaming video traffic. As companies increasingly shift customers away from traditional pay television packages to streaming, it stands to reason that what MyBundle.TV offers would be attractive to smaller companies that want to offer streaming services to their customers without doing a lot of the heavy technological lifting.

Tim Bryan, the chief executive of NRTC, hit upon that point in a statement of his own on Monday.

“MyBundle.TV will help our members serve their communities and provide an alternative to traditional television service,” Bryan said. “MyBundle.TV’s solutions will help our members and their communities navigate the increasingly complex and confusing world of streaming video.”

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