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Philo suffers two outages in two days

The outages were resolved in a matter of hours, but few details released about their cause.

The outages were resolved in a matter of hours, but few details released about their cause.

(Logo: Philo, Graphic designed by The Desk)

For the second time in less than a week, an unknown technical error prevented customers of wallet-friendly streaming TV service Philo from accessing their favorite shows and movies.

The issues started on Tuesday when Philo reported a system-wide outage that was preventing its users from launching its app on smartphones, tablets and streaming TV hardware.

The technical bug was resolved in about three hours, according to an update on Philo’s external status dashboard. But a similar problem kicked customers off the service Wednesday evening as well.

Wednesday’s problem was resolved in a shorter amount of time — just two hours — but details of what caused both issues have yet to be revealed.

For what it’s worth, Philo’s customers seemed to take the news in stride, with most saying the outages paled in comparison to problems with traditional services like cable and satellite.

A few customers complained that Philo’s 24-hour customer service line appeared to be down during the outage, with subscribers told that Philo’s customer service center was closed for the day.

Philo offers streaming access to more than five dozen pay television channels for $25 a month. As part of the service, customers are able to save movies and TV shows in an unlimited cloud DVR and can play back saved programs for one year after they air on a network.

Philo is available for Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV (Google TV) and Apple TV devices as well as most popular smartphones and tablets.