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Amazon to shift Epix toward streaming with MGM Plus rebrand

The new logo of MGM Plus, the premium movie network and streaming service formerly known as Epix.
The new logo of MGM Plus, the premium movie network and streaming service formerly known as Epix. (Image courtesy Amazon, Graphic by The Desk)

Amazon says it will rebrand the premium movie network Epix next year, with the service taking on the name MGM Plus starting in January.

The rebranding is intended to better reflect the movie studio Amazon purchased earlier this year, for which the technology and online retail company spent more than $8.5 billion.

The new name will also apply to the standalone streaming version of Epix, which includes the same original television shows, licensed shows and movies that are offered on Epix’s cable channel and video on-demand service.

“MGM is one of the most-iconic and beloved brands from the golden age of entertainment,” Michael Wright, the executive in charge of MGM Plus, said in a statement. “This rebrand is a promise to existing and new viewers that MGM Plus is the place to find television that reflects and celebrates the legacy of the iconic MGM brand — cinematic programming with sophisticated storytelling that entertains, delights, surprises and transports. MGM is television for movie lovers.”

The new name will be installed on January 15, Amazon said, which coincides with the return of the Epix original series “Godfather of Harlem.”

Amazon says the company intends to continue offering Epix to cable, satellite and some streaming partners once the name change to MGM Plus is complete. On cable, the multiplex Epix channels will take on the following new names:

  • Epix will become MGM Plus
  • Epix 2 will change to MGM Plus Hits
  • Epix Hits will become MGM Plus Marquee
  • Epix Drive-In will change to MGM Plus Drive-In

Epix is available in around 85 million homes through cable and satellite services, with Comcast offering the multiplex channel its greatest exposure. The service has around 20 million subscribers across cable, satellite and streaming.

It is one of the most-affordable premium movie networks and streaming services in the industry, charging customers just $6 a month or $60 a year when a subscription is purchased directly through the Epix website. The service is also sold through Amazon Prime Video Channels, the Roku Channel, the Apple TV app, via YouTube TV and on Philo, where it costs the same.