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Dish-owned Sling TV loses subscribers for first time

(Image: Dish Network/Handout)

Dish Network turned a profit last quarter despite losing subscribers of both its traditional satellite TV and online-only Sling TV services.

The company said it ended Q4 2019 with 11.99 million paying subscribers across Dish Network (9.39 million) and Sling TV (4.26 million).

Those figures represent a loss of 100,000 satellite TV customers and 94,000 Sling TV customers. Dish Network raised prices for both services last year; at the same time, it loss a lucrative deal with AT&T to carry HBO’s multiplex of premium channels, a network that is still unavailable on both Dish and Sling TV.

Executives did not make a statement in a press release issued Wednesday morning, but are expected to make comments on a conference call held later in the day.

Dish Network is based in Englewood, Colorado.