SiriusXM brings back Coldplay Radio for limited run

(Image courtesy SiriusXM Pandora, Graphic designed by The Desk)

SiriusXM Pandora is bringing back the artist spotlight channel Coldplay Radio for a limited run.

The channel returns to SiriusXM’s radio platforms as the band prepares to debut their newest album “Music of the Spheres,” which is slated to drop on October 15.

“The exclusive channel will celebrate one of the biggest rock bands in the world, showcasing music from the band’s acclaimed catalog, including their career-defining hits, classic albums, live performances, collaborations and musical influences,” a spokesperson for SiriusXM Pandora, the parent company that operates SiriusXM’s radio service, said in a statement.

As part of the limited-run channel, Coldplay Radio will host a performance by the band at the Apollo Theater in New York. The performance will be produced as part of the SiriusXM “Small Stage Series,” which offers some subscribers the opportunity to attend private listening and Q&A events with popular musical acts. The concert is set to air on September 23.

Coldplay Radio originally launched on the SiriusXM satellite and radio streaming service last year. This year’s incarnation of Coldplay Radio is available exclusively via the SiriusXM app for smartphones, tablets and smart devices through October 30, though it will also simulcast on the satellite radio platform between October 15 and October 17 on The Spectrum (Channel 28).

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