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Philo removes Scripps-owned Newsy

Wallet-friendly streaming service Philo has quietly removed the 24-hour digital news channel Newsy from its lineup.

Grab Philo for $20 a month before price hike kicks in

If you’re looking to stream general entertainment, knowledge, reality shows and lifestyle programming at one of the cheapest rates around, you have only a few more days to lock in your subscription until the cost of programming goes up. Since it was introduced to the masses four years ago, Philo has worked hard to be the best, wallet-friendly streaming cable TV replacement on the market. The service currently offers more than 60 top-tier pay TV networks for just $20 a month. Over the last few months, Philo has prided itself on adding new channels like Sony’s Get TV and the AccuWeather Network without raising the price on its existing subscribers. But industry trends point toward rising programming costs for providers like Philo, and the service recently announced that it would have to raise its base subscription price to $25 a … Read more