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T-Mobile adds new low-cost plan on prepaid tier

A mobile phone running on the T-Mobile wireless network. (Photo: The Desk)

Wireless phone provider T-Mobile announced a new prepaid phone plan that will allow low-use customers to pay just $10 a month for service.

The new plan, under T-Mobile’s Connect brand, will give customers 1,000 call minutes, 1,000 text messages and 1 GB of wireless data service each month, the company said on Tuesday.

In addition to the low cost plan, T-Mobile said it is raising data caps on two of its other budget prepaid plans. A $15 a month plan that previously netted 2.5 GB of data will now give customers 3 GB of data per month; a costlier $25 a month plan will bump the amount of wireless data to 6 GB a month. Both plans offer unlimited talk and texting.

None of the three plans include taxes and fees, which could bump the price of the plans up an additional $1 to $2, depending on where customers live.

All three Connect plans give customers access to T-Mobile’s robust 5G wireless network, though connections are prioritized behind customers who pay for T-Mobile’s more-expensive prepaid and post-paid plans. And T-Mobile says data caps across all plans will increase by 500 MB each year until 2025, as long as a customer maintains their plan through that time period.

Disclosure: At time of publication, the author of this story owned stock in T-Mobile.