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AT&T offers unlimited 5G data plan for $50 a month

If you’re looking to save some money on your wireless phone service, and you want an unlimited data plan with 5G network access, you may want to consider a promotion AT&T is running right now for new customers.

This month, AT&T’s prepaid division is offering new customers the opportunity to grab their Unlimited Plus service plan for just $50 a month when they activate a new account and sign up for AutoPay.

AT&T Prepaid Unlimited Plus offers a lot of great perks for a plan that’s so cheap, including:

  • Unlimited high-speed data on AT&T’s 4G LTE and 5G networks
  • Priority high-speed data for the first 22 gigabytes (GBs) of data used
  • 10 GBs of prioritized hotspot data
  • Ability to stream videos in high definition when on AT&T’s network
  • Access to Wi-Fi Calling (which AT&T calls “HD Voice”)
  • Free fraud and spam blocking
  • Unlimited calling, texting and data while in Canada and Mexico
  • Unlimited international texting to more than 100 countries

Many of those features are reserved for more-expensive post-paid plans by AT&T and its rivals, making the prepaid offering really exceptional, especially for data-hungry customers who use their phones a lot when they’re away from home. For example, the ability to stream high-definition video on a 5G network is virtually unheard of for a plan that costs just $50 a month (Verizon’s plans include HD streaming, but it charges at least $70 a month for a single line of service; T-Mobile relegates HD streaming to its more-expensive $85 a month plan).

AT&T Prepaid Unlimited Plus typically costs $75 a month, but customers who sign up for a new line of service through AT&T’s website can knock $25 off the cost of the plan, bringing it down to just $50 a month. AT&T is also waiving its $15 activation fee during the promotion.

To get the discounted rate, new customers will need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for service through AT&T Prepaid’s website (click/tap here).
  2. Agree to purchase a new SIM card for $5 (AT&T pays for overnight shipping on most orders).
  3. Enroll in AutoPay at time of order.
  4. Choose to get a new number or keep an existing one through a port in (existing AT&T post-paid and pre-paid customers will have to choose a new number in order to get the deal).

AT&T Prepaid also offers a number of plans that are geared toward casual phone users who aren’t as data hungry. Right now, the company is offering an unlimited data plan with 8GBs of high speed data for just $25 a month when customers pre-pay for 12 months of service (which brings the total cost to a one-time payment of $300), one of the cheapest phone plans on the market.

The same deal is available to customers who want a shorter commitment, with 8GB of high-speed data going for $33 a month when subscribers pay for three months of service up front, bringing the total cost to a one-time payment of $100.

AT&T Prepaid also offers a $40 a month plan with 15 GB of high speed data and a $30 a month plan with 5GBs of high speed data. Those plans and others can be found by visiting AT&T Prepaid’s website.

Though the perks are great, there are a few compromises, including:

  • No free access to HBO Max (though customers can sign up for the service separately);
  • No access to AT&T’s loyalty program, AT&T Thanks;
  • No option to buy phones or other devices on installation;
  • No ability to bundle AT&T Prepaid with other AT&T services;
  • Limited coverage when roaming off AT&T’s network in the United States.

Still, those compromises are few compared to the savings, and for most people, AT&T Prepaid offers good service comparable to the more-expensive post-paid plans without breaking the bank. To view all of AT&T Prepaid’s wireless phone plans, click or tap here.

Purchases made through links may result in a commission for the author.

Purchases made through links may result in a commission for the author.
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