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Chicken Soup for the Soul forms joint venture with Fuel TV

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In a strategic move aimed at revolutionizing the landscape of action-sports content, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment announced a new joint venture with Fuel TV that is set to give rise to Fuel TV branded subscription-based streaming services and free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels.

This partnership will witness the amalgamation of the extensive content libraries of both entities, with Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s video on-demand channels taking on new identities under the Fuel TV umbrella. Notable transitions include the transformation of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment-owned channels into Fuel TV Surf and LiftTicket evolving into Fuel TV Snow. Moreover, the collaboration is set to birth two brand-new channels – Fuel TV Skate and Fuel TV Bike – all of which are poised to set a pioneering standard in action-sports content accessible on major streaming platforms.

The operational reins of these channels will be firmly in the hands of Fuel TV, with contributions from Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment divisions Screen Media Ventures and Crackle Connex. Screen Media Ventures will add to the content pool with 1091’s library of action sports titles, while Crackle Connex takes charge of the sale of advertising inventory. The official launch of the Fuel TV branded channels is anticipated in the coming months.

Looking ahead, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment envisions further expansion in joint venture initiatives throughout 2024. These strategic business deals are anticipated to not only enhance revenues for existing properties but also leverage the expertise of third-party collaborators.

Renowned globally as the foremost authority in the action-sports category, Fuel TV boasts a vast reach, spanning over 130 countries through 80 diverse partnerships with major broadcasting and streaming platforms, including connected TV and Internet-based services. The company stands out for its extensive annual offering of over 600 hours of new programming, complemented by 250 hours of live events and 350 hours of exclusive content. Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s video on-demand services, including Echoboom, SurfnowTV, and LiftTicketTV, are recognized for their essential action-sports titles across skateboarding, skiing, and surfing, respectively.

“Fuel TV is the gold standard for action-sports content, and they are the perfect counterparty for us to work with on this joint venture,” said Elana Sofko, the chief strategy officer of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. “Their expertise, combined with our robust content and advertising teams, will make this a powerful offering.”

“We are delighted to join this venture, uniting two of the biggest action sports libraries, and both companies’ prowess in the media industry will allow us to consolidate the leadership in the action sports space,” said Fernando Figueiredo, CEO of Fuel TV. “Moreover, it will give Surf, Skate, Snow, and Bike a standalone home for those core viewers that binge their sport for hours. For 20 years, Fuel TV action sports channel has gathered all these sports and will keep doing it by being the home of hundreds of hours of live events from across the globe.”

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