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Streaming news available through Newsy for free

The logo of over-the-air news outlet Newsy. (Logo courtesy the E. W. Scripps Company; Graphic by The Desk)

Last year, the E. W. Scripps Company made a bold move: It decided to make the cable version of its 24-hour news channel Newsy available to everyone, for free, whether they had cable or not.

The move came shortly after Scripps purchased Ion, a broadcast television network that owned dozens of full- and low-power television stations across the country, with the company replacing Ion’s digital networks with its own, including Newsy.

But Newsy is not just available on Ion broadcast affiliates: The streaming news network is offered on dozens of free streaming platforms and, more recently, through Newsy’s own app for phones, tablets and smart TV devices.

And there’s a lot of reasons to watch Newsy: It promises fact-based news without the partisan debate that has become so common on cable news networks in the United States. In addition to the news of the day, Newsy offers investigative reports that shine a light on important issues and under-represented communities as well as explainers that take a deeper dive into the news that everyone is talking about.

Here are the different ways to watch Newsy on-air, on streaming device and on free streaming platforms:


Newsy is available as a free broadcast channel in dozens of communities and can be picked up for free with a simple indoor or outdoor antenna.

The channel is typically found in areas where Scripps owns one or more broadcast television station, including former Ion owned-and-operated stations.

Because of the way digital television works, Newsy may be offered as a standard definition feed instead of a high definition one — which means picture and audio quality might be lower compared to Newsy’s free online stream. Still, it’s a good option for people who live in rural areas where Internet service may be spotty and where Newsy can be reliably received with an antenna.

For a full list of where Newsy can be received through digital broadcast television, click or tap here.

Through the Newsy app

The Newsy app for smartphones, tablets and smart TV sets was recently updated to include a live, 24-hour feed of the Newsy channel. It also offers news clips and full reports from Newsy’s various news programs, including “In the Loop,” “The Why,” “Newsy Tonight” and “Morning Rush.” Best of all, the Newsy app is 100 percent free to download and access — no cable or satellite subscription required.

Download the Newsy app for:

On Smart TVs

In addition to the Newsy app, the free 24-hour streaming Newsy channel is available natively through a number of free, ad-supported streaming services that are built into most popular smart TVs, including ones powered by Samsung TV Plus, Vizio SmartCast Plus, LG Channels and the Roku Channel.

Find the Newsy stream on the following services:

  • Android TV: Channel number varies by brand
  • LG Channels: Channel IP-136
  • Roku Channel Live TV: Channel 166
  • Samsung TV Plus: Channel 1020
  • Vizio SmartCast Plus: Channel 130

On Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Services

Newsy has made itself available through a wide variety of free, ad-supported streaming television services — from popular ones like Pluto TV to niche ones like Local Now.

One advantage to using these free, ad-supported services is that you’re not just limited to watching Newsy — most of them offer streaming news channels from ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Black News Channel, Newsmax and other providers. And, as you might have guessed, they’re all free to download and access — no subscription or credit card required.

Find Newsy on the following free, ad-supported streaming services:

On Streaming Radio Apps

Newsy’s streaming news channel is carried as an audio simulcast on Audacy, which can be accessed via the Audacy app for smartphones, tablets, television sets and through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-powered smart speakers.

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Get stories like these in your inbox, plus free breaking news alerts on business and policy matters involving media and tech.

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