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Tablo launches new streaming devices with built-in hard drives

The refreshed lineup includes the first four-tuner Tablo model with a built-in hard drive.

The refreshed lineup includes the first four-tuner Tablo model with a built-in hard drive.

A Tablo Duo Lite review unit supplied by Nuvyyo. (Photo: Matthew Keys/The Desk)

Streaming company Nuvyyo has refreshed its line of Tablo over-the-air streaming devices with models that offer built-in hard drives.

The company announced the revamped products in a blog post early Tuesday morning.

The Tablo is a device that captures over-the-air broadcast television signals and distributes them across a home network — the same network used for wired or wireless Internet. It allows viewers to watch and record broadcast television on smart TVs, computers, phones, tablets and the XBox One game console (for a small fee, Tablo can also automatically skip commercials on some recorded content).

For years, Nuvyyo has sold the two tuner Tablo Dual Lite and four tuner Tablo Quad without built-in storage — though for a brief period of time, Nuvyyo did offer customers a variant of the Tablo Dual with 64GB built-in storage.

In an interview with The Desk last month, a company spokesperson said it wasn’t uncommon to hear from customers who purchased that version only to later buy an external hard drive to record more shows and movies.

This time, Tablo is offering more than enough on-board storage to satisfy most customers: The new Tablo Dual 128GB’s built-in hard drive has enough capacity for a combined 80 hours of high-definition programming from both its tuners, the company says.

In addition to the Tablo Dual 128GB, the company also announced a version of its Tablo Quad that offers built-in storage for the first time. That device comes with a 1TB internal hard drive, enough to record a combined 700 hours of high-definition programming from the device’s four tuners.

Both the Tablo Dual 128GB  and the Tablo Quad 1TB have USB ports for external hard drives if users want to add a larger drive later. The Tablo Quad 1TB’s internal hard drive is also user-replaceable, a company spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday.

The Tablo Dual 128GB model costs $170 while the Tablo Quad 1TB model costs $240. Both are available to order today on Tablo’s website.

Nuvyyo continues to sell bring-your-own-hard-drive versions of the Tablo Dual and Tablo Quad for customers who may want to use their own hard drive or buy one with more space. The two-tuner Dual Lite costs $150 while the four-tuner Quad is $50 more. Cheaper refurbished units of both models are also available.

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