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American streamers to dominate global subscription landscape by 2029

Netflix and Prime Video will lead the pack with overall global streaming subscriptions, according to Digital TV Research.

Netflix and Prime Video will lead the pack with overall global streaming subscriptions, according to Digital TV Research.

A streaming TV viewer watches a Prime Video show on a tablet. (Courtesy image)
Amazon’s Prime Video is one of two streaming services expected to see significant overseas growth between now and 2029, according to a research note. (Courtesy image)

The number of global customers streaming content from subscription-based video providers could grow to as high as 1.79 billion over the next six years, according to a new report from Digital TV Research.

The growth assumes the addition of 321 million subscriber between 2023 and 2029, the report says, with Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video expected to have the lion’s share of subscription-based streaming customers.

Netflix and Disney Plus are among the five streaming services that are expected to dominate around the world, according to the report, with Paramount Plus, HBO (Max) and Disney Plus also leading the pack.

The global subscriber share could look something like this by 2029, according to the research note:

  • Netflix: 298 million subscribers
  • Prime Video: 269 million global subscribers
  • Disney Plus: 192 million subscribers
  • Paramount Plus: 89 million subscribers
  • HBO (Max): 68 million subscribers
  • Apple TV Plus: 30 million subscribers
  • Others: 839 million subscribers

“Platforms now measure their success through their profitability,” Simon Murray, the principal analyst at Digital TV Research, said in a statement. “This means that already-profitable Netflix will benefit more than its US-based competitors.”

In recent years, analysts have cautioned that the U.S. and Canadian markets appear to have experienced peak streaming growth. Their views coincide with a shift in focus among domestic streamers, who have started eyeing international growth in the European, Asian-Pacific and South American markets.

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