NordVPN offering discount service during Spring Sale

(Logo courtesy NordVPN, Graphic by The Desk)

NordVPN is offering a deep discount on its virtual private network (VPN) service when customers sign up through a special link and select one of two annual plans.

For a limited time, NordVPN is offering one year of access to its 5,500 global servers for a one-time payment of $60 or two years of access for $90 when users sign up through this link.

The price is a 58 percent savings off the typical annual plan and a 68 percent savings off its two-year plan, which comes out to about $4.92 a month and $3.71 a month respectively.

NordVPN provides a major security boost when browsing the Internet, especially on public Wi-Fi devices like those offered in a workplace, coffee house, restaurant or airport. Internet connections that flow through NordVPN are encrypted by default, which helps ensure connections are private no matter where a person uses the Internet.

NordVPN is compatible with Apple and Windows computers along with Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets. It also works with popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox, through extensions.

One added perk of NordVPN is the ability to access international variants of streaming television services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus, as well as country-specific services like BBC iPlayer and Australia’s Stan. In addition to the devices mentioned above, streamers who use Amazon Fire TV Stick or Android TV (Google TV) devices have native access to NordVPN apps in order to securely and privately stream television content.

Purchases made through links may result in a commission for the author.

Purchases made through links may result in a commission for the author.