iHeart begins broadcasting on 107.9 FM in Sacramento

Radio company iHeart began broadcasting on its newest Sacramento frequency on Wednesday, less than one year after winning a FCC spectrum auction for the slot. The company resurrected 107.9 FM, which had been blank on the FM dial for nearly five years after Entercom surrendered its license for the station in order to gain regulatory approval for its mega merger with CBS Radio. The FCC auctioned off the frequency last year, and iHeart was deemed the winner of the broadcast license for 107.9 FM after it agreed to pay more than $6.1 million to the government. On Wednesday, iHeart officially turned on the station with a non-stop marathon of orchestral music from the film “Star Wars.” Little is known about what iHeart intends to broadcast on 107.9 FM, but the station has been assigned the KSTE call letters that are … Read more