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Tutorial: Tumblr for journalists (and everyone else)

If you haven’t already, check out my Tumblr for Journalists tutorial on SlideShare.

The name is a little deceptive: It really can be a primer for anyone who is confused by the Tumblr platform and wants a basic-to-advanced primer. With over 5,000 views, it’s become one of the go-to guides for anyone who is interesting in launching a Tumblr blog.

Another note: Tumblr relaunched their platform about two months after the primer was released, so some of the look-and-feel has been changed, but the functionality is basically the same.

If you want to download Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF version of the slideshow, you can do so here. The tutorial is released under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to change things around to suit your newsroom or company.