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CNN: FOX News knew years ago about DOJ investigation

FOX News reporter James Rosen (YouTube: Joe Medill)
FOX News reporter James Rosen (YouTube: Joe Medill)

Law enforcement officials notified FOX News several years ago that one of its reporters was the target of a Department of Justice investigation into an alleged leak of classified information, CNN reported on Saturday.

According to two CNN sources, the DOJ notified FOX News nearly three years ago about a subpoena seeking “detailed telephone records” related to their investigation.

The Department of Justice’s investigation probed how classified information moved between the Department of State and the media. The DOJ zeroed in Stephen Kim several years ago as being a source for a 2009 story filed by FOX reporter James Rosen on North Korea.

FOX News had previously reported it only learned recently about the warrant for Rosen’s emails.

CNN: FOX knew about DOJ probe into reporter emails