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Facebook makes debut on “Fortune 500” list

Flickr/Lauging Squid: Scott Beale
Flickr/Lauging Squid: Scott Beale

Facebook is now a Fortune 500 company.

The social network service, which went public in March 2012, ranked at 482 in the latest issue of Fortune among 500 top-money earning companies in America.

Facebook is one of several internet companies listed among the Fortune 500. Others include Amazon (rank 49) and Google (rank 55).

Mashable reporter Seth Figerman noted Facebook’s Fortune 500 listing comes just eight months after the company went public, compared to Google which took 16 months to make the list after becoming a public company in 2004.

VentureBeat reports 41 of the 500 companies on the prestigious Fortune list are technology companies.

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