CNN hires George Zimmerman’s attorney as new legal analyst

George Zimmerman’s lead defense attorney Mark O’Mara will be making regular contributions on CNN as the network’s new legal analyst.

George Zimmerman's defense attorney and new CNN employee Mark O'Mara. (Photo: CNN)
George Zimmerman’s defense attorney and new CNN employee Mark O’Mara. (Photo: CNN)

The announcement was subtly made Friday on CNN’s breakfast program “New Day.” O’Mara later confirmed the news on his personal blog.

“It is no secret that I’ve been critical of the press, but complaining doesn’t solve anything,” O’Mara wrote. “It occurred to me that if I’m not part of the solution, I’m part of the problem.”

O’Mara said he hopes his new position at CNN will “allow me to contribute some thoughtful, moderated insight to what could otherwise be sensational and inflammatory issues.”

O’Mara is no stranger to television news. The Florida defense attorney provided color commentary and analysis for CBS affiliate WKMG in 2011 during the high-profile Casey Anthony murder trial.

O’Mara was hired in April 2012 to represent Zimmerman after the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was charged by Florida prosecutors with second-degree murder in connection with the fatal shooting. Zimmerman’s trial began in June 2013; a jury acquitted Zimmerman in July.


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