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J.P. Morgan cancels Twitter Q&A after “insulting” questions

J.P. Morgan, the investment and services portion of financial giant J.P. Morgan Chase, canceled a planned question-and-answer session on Twitter with the bank’s vice chairman James Lee, Jr. after receiving “insulting” questions, the financial news organization Reuters reported.

The company had been promoting the Twitter Q&A with the investment banker since at least November 6, encouraging people to ask questions about the bank’s operations with the hashtag #AskJPM.

Hardly anyone noticed the event until J.P. Morgan sent out a follow-up tweet Tuesday promoting the Q&A with Lee. After being flooded with questions, J.P. Morgan canceled the Twitter event. Some of the questions the bank received:

J.P. Morgan answered that last one: In an email to Reuters, a company spokesperson said “Bad idea! Back to the drawing board.”

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