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Islamic State militants execute local Iraqi journalist

A photo of 37-year-old Raad al-Azzawi. (Photo: Handout)
A photo of 37-year-old Raad al-Azzawi. (Photo: Handout)

Islamic State fighters executed an Iraqi cameraman and three other individuals on Friday, according to relatives of the man.

Raad al-Azzawi, 37, worked for a local television station in Iraq’s Saladin province north of Baghdad. The photojournalist was captured by Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) forces on September 7, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Fighters threatened to kill Azzawi because he refused to work with Sunni fighters, according to a report from Al Jazeera.

“They came to his home and took him and his brother,” a relative told Al Jazeera. “He did nothing wrong; his only crime was to be a cameraman. He was just doing his job.”

Family members said Azzawi, his brother and two others were publicly executed by Islamic State fighters on Friday.

The station where he worked had been the target of Islamic State fighters in the past. Last December, a suicide bomber killed five journalists after militants accused the channel of “distorting” the image of Sunnis.