Albuquerque TV station shares frank message about voter registration

(Photo: Facebook/Graphic: The Desk)

A social media editor for a New Mexico television station accidentally dropped some profane language in a Facebook post intended to remind people about their civic duty.

This week, the manager of a Facebook page used by Albuquerque ABC affiliate KOAT (Channel 7) shared a timely reminder encouraging people to register to vote.

“Please make sure you’re registered to vote,” the image appeared to say when KOAT shared it from another Facebook page.

But eagle-eyed viewers noticed there was more to the message than what appeared in the cropped preview image on Facebook. Clicking the graphic revealed the full message, which included the line: “Seriously, I am not fucking around here.”

The shared post was up for several hours Wednesday morning before KOAT removed it from their Facebook page.

KOAT is owned by Hearst Television, Inc.

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