WWE Network programming comes to Comcast’s Peacock

The wrestling company's original documentaries and other shows are now streaming on the blockbuster NBC service.
(Logo: NBCUniversal/Comcast, Graphic: The Desk)

Comcast-owned streaming service Peacock has added around a dozen compilation shows and documentary series from sports entertainment juggernaut World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

The shows come from the WWE’s own streaming service WWE Network, which recently relaunched as a freemium service of its own.

The partnership between Comcast’s Peacock and the WWE is not unusual: Comcast’s USA Network has played host to several WWE programs over the years, including the wrestling company’s flagship broadcast WWE Raw.

Program titles syndicated between WWE Network and Comcast’s Peacock include “The Best of WWE,” a compilation program featuring superstar wrestlers, “WWE Untold” and all 20 episodes of “The Monday Night Wars,” a documentary series that chronicles the on-air and behind-the-scenes competition between WWE and its former rival, World Championship Wrestling.

The WWE Network shows are available on Peacock’s ad-supported premium tier and commercial-free plans. The shows are not available to stream on Peacock’s completely-free tier, though Comcast cable and Internet customers have access to Peacock’s premium ad-supported tier for free.

Those without access to Peacock can watch many of the mentioned shows for free on the WWE Network app.

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