Fine print reveals Verizon’s Disney bundle still expensive for customers

(Logo: Walt Disney Company/Handout, Graphic: The Desk)

Verizon announced a new perk for its customers on Monday that allows them to access Disney-owned Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for free.

The promotion is an extension of one offered last year in which the phone company gave new and existing customers one-year of Disney Plus for free.

Monday’s announcement extends that promotion for another year while adding Disney’s two other streaming services into the mix. The company announced the promotion along with a relaunch of its unlimited service plans.

The new plans, called Mix & Match, gives customers the option of choosing between five different unlimited data plan with varying perks between them. Two of those plans, the “Play More Unlimited” and “Get More Unlimited” options, include the three Disney streaming services for one year as well as free access to Apple Music for six months.

Two other plans, the “Start Unlimited” and “Do More Unlimited” options, include just Disney Plus and at a shorter term of 6 months.

The announcement was quickly picked up by tech and marketing blogs on Monday with a large focus on the new price points for Verizon‘s unlimited data plans, which start at $35 a month. Few mentioned that to get that low price, customers had to sign up for at least four lines of service.

With just one line of service, Verizon’s new unlimited data plans start at $70 a month for the “Start Unlimited” option and increase from there. The “Play More Unlimited” and “Get More Unlimited” options with the three Disney streaming services included cost $80 a month.

None of the plans announced on Monday include taxes and fees, so there will be additional charges on customer bills beyond the advertised prices.

Still, the inclusion of the Disney streaming services can be a good value for households that are likely to subscribe to all three and want the peace of mind that comes with subscribing to one of the most-reliable and most-reputable phone companies in America.