Philo discussing ways to bring AMC Plus to users, executive says

Responding to a question posed by a Redditor, Philo CEO Andrew McCollum says the budget streamer wants to bring customers AMC Plus.
The logo of Internet cable TV alternative Philo. (Image: Philo/Graphic, The Desk)

Philo and AMC Networks are in discussions to make AMC Plus available to subscribers of the budget streaming service, according to a company executive.

Responding to a question posed by a subscriber on Reddit, Philo chief executive Andrew McCollum said his company is currently holding talks with AMC Networks over the supplemental streaming service but didn’t have a timeline on when it would be available to Philo customers.

“We would love to offer AMC Plus and are working with AMC to try to figure it out,” McCollum said.

AMC Plus incorporates content from AMC’s cable network, including most of its original series, alongside television shows and movies offered by other AMC brands, including IFC and Shudder.  The service is available to Dish Network and Comcast’s Xfinity subscribers as well as customers of other cable systems for a monthly fee of $5 to $7.

AMC Plus replaced AMC Premiere on supported systems, though some companies continue to offer AMC Premiere while deals over the new streaming service are ironed out.

Philo customers have the ability to subscribe to AMC Premiere and Shudder because Philo carries cable networks distributed by AMC Networks, which is also an investor in the budget streaming service.

Philo offers around 60 live cable channels on a handful of Internet-capable devices, including smartphones, tablets and streaming TV boxes starting at $20 a month.

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