New York Times offers some high school students free access to website

The front of the New York Times building in New York City. (Photo by samchills on Flickr / Creative Commons image)

The New York Times has launched a new program that will offer high schools complementary access to their news website through the middle of next year.

The program extends a partnership between the newspaper and wireless phone company Verizon to offer free access to the Times’ various digital properties through certain initiatives.

The program involving high schools requires teachers and administrators to jump through a few hoops before the Times opens their digital gates to them: It’s only available to “recognized,” accredited high schools, and teachers must collect the email addresses of all students who wish to enroll. Schools must also obtain written consent from students in which they agree to the New York Times’ digital terms of service before free access is granted.

Students cannot enroll themselves in the program, nor can their parents or guardians. Home-schooled students are not eligible at all, though students who are temporarily studying via remote learning through an accredited school because of the pandemic appear to be eligible.

Students and teachers will be offered free access to the Times’ website until September 2021.