Howard Stern expected to make announcement about contract after holiday

Radio broadcaster Howard Stern is photographed before an appearance on NBC’s “Today Show” in 2012. (Photo: Bill Norton/Flickr Creative Commons)

SiriusXM’s star radio show host Howard Stern is expected to make an announcement about the outcome of his contract negotiation after the Thanksgiving holiday, the company’s incoming chief executive said in an interview on Thursday.

Appearing on CNBC Friday morning, Jennifer Witz, the company’s chief marketing executive and incoming CEO, said the company was hopeful that they could keep Stern on for several more years to come.

Stern’s show this week ended on a cliffhanger when the radio show host played a clip from a 2010 contract announcement in which he affirmed his commitment to the satellite radio company for an additional five years. The announcement cut off before the affirmation in a tease to his long-time audience.

“He’ll be back after Thanksgiving to share more with us,” Witz said after being questioned about the tease during the CNBC interview. “We’re excited to continue to work with Howard — we don’t have anything specific to announce today but I’m encouraged that we’ll have something to announce soon.”