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Cinedigm adds over 1,000 hours of content to library

The added shows and movies will help beef up third party streaming services like Pluto TV and Roku Channel.

The added shows and movies will help beef up third party streaming services like Pluto TV and Roku Channel.

The logo of Cinedigm Corporation. (Image: Cinedigm/Graphic: The Desk)

Cinedigm has expanded its content library with more than 1,000 hours of TV shows, movies and documentaries, the company said in a statement on Monday.

Cinedigm provides past episodes of TV shows and movies to Roku, Redbox, ViacomCBS and Comcast’s NBCUniversal for their ad-supported streaming TV services. The additional content, which Cinedigm has added over the last few months, is expected to draw more users in to those services while bringing in ad revenue for the company.

“These recent acquisitions are timed to drive engagement during prime-time on our streaming channels, where our goal is to increase viewership by 30 percent to 40 percent in [the last quarter of the calendar year] and capture more advertising dollars,” Erick Opeka, the head of Cinedigm’s digital networks, said in a statement.

Advertisement revenue had increased 88 percent month-over-month, “and we expect to deliver up to 40 percent of the year’s ad revenue in the fourth calendar quarter,” Opeka said.

In recent months, Cinedigm signed distribution deals for past episodes of “Ghost Hunters,” “Flash Gordon,” “Mix L.A.,” “Boonie Bears” and “Betty White: Date with Angels.” Movies acquired by the company include “The Hills Have Eyes,” “Audition” and classic films re-mastered by the streaming service Film Detective, which Cinedigm acquired in October.

Though Cinedigm only recently became a household name through its deals with Pluto TV, Roku Channel, Peacock and Redbox, the company has been around for two decades. It offered software and marketing support services to entertainment companies until 2013 when it shifted to distributing independent film and television content.

In 2014, Cinedigm launched Docurama, a streaming service that focused primarily on documentaries. It also created Con TV, a streaming service themed after the popular convention Comic Con, as well as the faith-based service Dove Channel.