HD Media’s lawsuit blames Google, Facebook for its own failures

The print industry made a number of bad decisions over the last two decades. Now it wants Facebook and Google to be its scapegoat.

(Photo: Pixabay, Graphic: The Desk)

A small newspaper chain in West Virginia is making big headlines of its own after it filed a federal lawsuit last week against Facebook and Google for alleged monopolistic practices.

The complaint filed by HD Media alleges the two tech companies are threatening to make newspapers obsolete through their dominance of the digital ad market.

“Google has vertically integrated itself, through hundreds of mergers and acquisitions, to enable dominion over all sellers, buyers, and middlemen in the marketplace,” the lawsuit contends. “It has absorbed the market internally and consumed most of the revenue. Google’s unlawful anti-competitive conduct is directly stripping newspapers across the country, including [newspapers] of their primary revenue source.”

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