Woman arrested for starting fire outside California TV station

(Photo courtesy KGET-TV)

A California woman was arrested this week for starting a large fire outside of a local television station.

The fire was reported Sunday around 11 p.m. near the studios of KGET (Channel 17) in Bakersfield. A police officer who was patrolling near the station heard a series of explosions, then located a fully-engulfed car fire near a gate that separates the television station’s parking lot from the main road.

The station’s late evening local newscast was interrupted when police and firefighters ordered the evacuation of the building. Employees who were evacuated from the station reported seeing several wooden crosses erected near the car fire. Two of the crosses were adorned with wedding gowns, while a third held a man’s suit, according to a report from the station.

Police later arrested Amber Hernandez, 40, of Bakersfield on suspicion of arson. They did not reveal information about the significance of the fire or the wooden crosses that were discovered nearby.

The station was able to resume its normal broadcast operations a few hours later. An investigation into the fire remains ongoing.

KGET is owned by Nexstar Media Group.

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