Paramount Plus will reduce price, features this summer

(Image courtesy ViacomCBS, Graphic by The Desk)

The new Paramount Plus streaming service — which is really a re-launch of CBS All Access under a new brand name and with slightly more content — isn’t even a day old, yet parent company ViacomCBS is already warning of price and feature changes that will roll out later this year.

This summer, ViacomCBS will reduce the price of Paramount Plus’ cheapest tier, the $6 a month subscription that is supported by advertisements. The price will drop by $1, but it will also result in customers losing access to a live stream of their local CBS station.

For now, current Paramount Plus customers whose subscriptions converted from CBS All Access on Thursday won’t be affected by the change. And Paramount Plus will continue to offer new subscribers the $6 a month, ad-supported version with the live CBS stream until the price and feature change in June.

After June, customers who want access to their live CBS stream will have to choose the $10 a month version of Paramount Plus, which comes with the added benefit of losing commercial interruptions when watching movies or shows on-demand (commercials will still be shown in the live stream). Though the cheaper, $5 a month plan won’t include live a live stream of CBS, it will still offer a handful of live National Football League games, ViacomCBS says.

Right now, ViacomCBS is offering a one-month free trial of Paramount Plus, which allows customers to sign up for the $6 a month tier with live CBS before things change in June. To take advantage of the offer, click or tap here.