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Parler quietly drops lawsuit against Amazon

The log of social media website Parler. (Image: Handout/Graphic by The Desk)

Social media service Parler has quietly dropped its lawsuit against technology giant Amazon, largely resolving a two month-long legal battle between the two companies.

The lawsuit was withdrawn in a late-night motion filed on Tuesday. Representatives of Parler didn’t offer a reason for withdrawing their lawsuit but reserved the legal right to sue again in the future.

Parler initially filed a suit against Amazon after the company pulled its support for the platform in the wake of the domestic terrorism attack against the U.S. Capitol. Parler’s customer base largely identifies as politically conservative, and the company was accused of providing a platform to political extremists who allegedly plotted and promoted the January 6 attack in the days leading up to the incident.

In a letter sent from an Amazon executive to their counterparts at Parler, the tech giant said Parler was not doing enough to curb hateful and dangerous rhetoric on its platform. Amazon said it had warned Parler about problematic posts in the weeks leading up to the attack, but Parler was slow to respond to their concerns, when they responded at all.

Amazon blocked Parler from accessing its cloud services in mid-January, resulting in a lengthy outage that Parler has only recently recovered from.

As Parler worked to come back online, it simultaneously blamed Amazon for the impending ruin of its company while also vowing to return without it. Last month, Parler’s board voted to fire the company’s chief executive, founder John Matze, for his response to the situation.