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SiriusXM ends streaming support for Lynx radios

A SiriusXM Lynx WiFi-capable radio. (Photo courtesy SiriusXM/Graphic by The Desk)

One of SiriusXM Pandora‘s first radios to incorporate a satellite radio signal with the flexibility of online streaming no longer supports one of those features.

In late March, the SiriusXM Lynx radio lost the ability to stream content from the satellite radio service’s streaming platform due to a series of “enhancements” made to the company’s Internet radio platform, according to a developer note.

The SiriusXM Lynx was introduced in late 2011 as the first portable radio capable of juggling its satellite and streaming radio signals simultaneously. By offering access to SiriusXM’s satellite and streaming radio services, the Lynx was able to offer features that traditional satellite radio tuners couldn’t, including access to hundreds of channels and on-demand content that were exclusive to the Internet radio platform and the ability to stream content to Bluetooth speakers.

The device retailed for $250 when it was introduced. SiriusXM stopped offering the Lynx for sale a few years ago as it built out its streaming radio apps for Apple iOS and Android devices.

While the Lynx won’t be able to pull in SiriusXM’s streaming service, it will still be able to tune in to SiriusXM’s satellite radio signals, the company said.

SiriusXM customers with Lynx radios who want to continue streaming the satellite radio service are being offered the chance to order a free Amazon Echo Dot with an eligible subscription and Lynx radio ID. That offer can be accessed by clicking or tapping here.