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Connecticut Lottery begins offering iHeart Radio scratchers

(Graphic by The Desk)

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation is teaming up with broadcast giant iHeart Radio for a new lottery scratcher.

The scratcher, called “iHeart Radio Concert Cash,” costs $2 to play and offers a top prize of $10,000. It is believed to be the first time a broadcaster has partnered with a state lottery as part of a game.

As part of the game, iHeart Radio is offering 10 lucky winners the chance to attend a VIP concert if their ticket reveals a musical note symbol. Details of the concert offered through the game were not immediately available.

The game began on Monday, with more than 1.2 million tickets being put into circulation through the life of the campaign.

Other prizes offered include cash payouts between $2 (offered as a free ticket, with a cash option) and $200.

Lottery officials say the winning probability of a ticket are based on the number of tickets put into circulation and not on individual purchases. The overall odds of winning any prize is about one in four.

iHeart Radio is a subsidiary of New York-based iHeart Media.