Verizon offers customers discounted NFL Plus subscription

Verizon is offering some customers of its wireless phone service a deep discount on the National Football League’s (NFL) new streaming service.

According to the website Fierce Video, Verizon began sending some customers promotional codes that were good for $30 off an annual subscription to the premium tier of NFL Plus. The premium package offers access to live, prime-time games aired on NBC and ESPN as well as Sunday afternoon games aired on a subscriber’s local CBS and Fox affiliate.

The package offers on-demand replays of all games played during the week, as well as audio simulcasts of out-of-market games. Live video of out-of-market games remains exclusive to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket through the end of the season, while Thursday evening games are exclusive to Amazon’s Prime Video.

According to Fierce Video, the $30 discount on the Premium NFL Plus subscription was offered to a handful of “eligible” Verizon customers earlier this month. It wasn’t clear from the report which customers were eligible, but a Verizon spokesperson confirmed to the publication that the discount will expand to all Verizon subscribers in October.

Customers will receive a promotional code that can be used to claim the discount to the Premium tier of NFL Plus, which will put the final cost at around $50 for the year.

Verizon serves as the official technology partner of the NFL. Last year, the wireless phone company inked a 10-year deal that makes it the exclusive 5G wireless provider of the professional football league. Some football stadiums currently have access to Verizon’s fast, milli-meter wave 5G network — which the company calls “ultra wideband” — and more are coming online in the future.

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