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Lynette Romero addresses Mark Mester firing

Former KTLA news anchor Lynette Romero appears in an Instagram video.
Former KTLA news anchor Lynette Romero appears in an Instagram video. (Still frame courtesy Lynette Romero via Instagram, Graphic by The Desk)

Popular Los Angeles television news anchor Lynette Romero did not shy away from controversy on her first full day at her new job.

On Monday, Romero took to Facebook Live mere minutes after her first show on KNBC (Channel 4) and addressed the topic on everyone’s mind: What happened at her former job?

In mid-September, Romero decided she would not renew her contract with Nexstar’s KTLA (Channel 5) after asking for a change of position. It was the first time in more than 20 years Romero opted against renewing her KTLA contract; instead, she took a job across town at the Comcast-owned local NBC station.

Romero’s final day with KTLA was scheduled for September 18, but at the last minute, she made a decision to take a week’s worth of vacation time. That bumped her last day to the weekend prior, which left no time for Romero to say good-bye to viewers.

Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin broke the news of Romero’s departure on September 14, saying she opted not to renew her contract despite the pleadings of KTLA management, who wanted her to stay.

The announcement did not sit well with Romero’s long-time co-anchor Mark Mester, who spent nearly five minutes addressing the situation on the September 17 edition of the KTLA Morning News.

“Lynette, I love you so much, and you really are my best friend,” Mester said. “You did not deserve what happened to you on Wednesday.”

Mester was suspended for his remarks. The station later terminated him for breach of contract.

On Monday, Romero said she and Mester speak “every day,” and that he was taking some time for himself.

“I’m respecting him, he’s respecting me and our privacy, and all those things,” Romero said during a Facebook Live broadcast after her first KNBC appearance.

Romero told viewers that she and Mester intend to further address the controversy “at some point.”

“This is not the time or the place, so I know you guys will respect that,” Romero told her fans. “He is well, and taking care of himself, and he’s going to be doing amazing things, I’m sure of it. Because he’s an amazing person. We will always be friends.”