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Parler parent company lays off nearly everyone

The log of social media website Parler. (Image: Handout/Graphic by The Desk)

Parlement Technologies has laid off most of its employees, including the majority of its executive staff, leaving the company with around 20 workers, according to a report.

The layoffs were first reported this week by technology website The Verge, which based its information on anonymous sources familiar with the purge at the company.

The company began issuing pink slips in November. By the time the layoffs were completed in late December, more than 75 percent of the company’s workforce was gone, The Verge said.

Parlement’s main product is a social media service called Parler, a product that is similar to Twitter, with few content restrictions. The platform has found favor with politically-right extremists and conspiracy theorists, and its users have been known to manifest and spread misinformation.

In October, musician Kanye West had reached a deal with Parlement to acquire Parler. The deal fell apart last month.