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DirecTV employees celebrate company birthday with volunteerism

DirecTV employees participate in the company's annual "DirecTV Day" community outreach event. (Courtesy photo)
DirecTV employees participate in the company’s annual “DirecTV Day” community outreach event. (Courtesy photo)

DirecTV employees celebrated the company’s 29th anniversary with a week of community outreach and volunteer service over the weekend.

The annual “DirecTV Day” took place on Saturday, June 17, during which more than 500 employees spent over 1,000 hours performing community service at various locations across the country in the week leading up to the milestone.

Leading up to DirecTV Day, hundreds of other employees spent their time volunteering at Ronald McDonald House Charities in Long Beach, Atlanta, Dallas and New York City, among other places. Ronald McDonald House Charities is the strategic charity of choice for DirecTV; the satellite provider makes its service available in their locations, while also offering around-the-year giving.

“Ultimately, the mark of our company is measured by how we show up for each other, our customers and our communities in our effort to make tomorrow better than yesterday,” Bill Morrow, the CEO of DirecTV, said in a statement.

DirecTV started in 1994 with around 75 channels of programming, which included a few channels from the former United States Satellite Broadcasting. USSB and DirecTV merged in 1999; that same year, DirecTV also acquired competitor Primestar.

DirecTV now offers programming through two complementary services: Its traditional satellite-based product and a streaming service also called DirecTV.