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Comcast offers Verizon-powered backup Internet product

The product, called "Storm-Ready WiFi," includes a backup battery and access to Verizon's 4G LTE network for $252.

The product, called "Storm-Ready WiFi," includes a backup battery and access to Verizon's 4G LTE network for $252.

Comcast is now offering some of its Xfinity Internet customers access to a battery backup system that works on a robust wireless network during emergencies.

The product, called “Storm-Ready WiFi,” includes a 4-hour battery backup and a wireless modem that connects to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Comcast says it is the first Internet service provider to offer a battery backup solution that also includes a LTE-connected modem. Storm-Ready WiFi costs $252, which can be split into payments of $7 over 36 months.

Currently, Storm-Ready WiFi is only available to Xfinity Internet customers whose plan offers 800 Mbps download speeds or better. That said, customers with Gigabit Pro connections aren’t eligible for the product either, according to Light Reading, which significant limits the customer pool eligible to purchase Storm-Ready WiFi.

For customers who can get it, Storm-Ready WiFi is intended to offer connectivity and peace of mind during emergencies when electrical power or Comcast’s network is disrupted. During power outages, the 4-hour battery backup kicks in, allowing Comcast customers to connect wirelessly to their home network, assuming Comcast’s network is not impacted.

When Comcast’s network is down due to a power outage or other issue, customers can utilize Verizon’s 4G LTE wireless network to maintain some level of connectivity.

“With so much of our daily lives dependent on WiFi connectivity, we knew our customers needed a product that could help keep them connected no matter what life throws at them – even during a storm — [and] Storm-Ready WiFi is that solution,” Emily Waldorf, the senior vice president of consumer internet services at Comcast, said in a statement on Tuesday. “Not only does Storm-Ready WiFi extend coverage to deliver our best-in-class WiFi to hard-to-reach corners of the home, but it also gives customers the peace of mind that their connection at home can continue even when the power is out.”

Storm-Ready Wifi is available to purchase at Xfinity stores across the country and online at Xfinity’s website.