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Frontier reports revenue of $1.45 billion during Q2

Frontier says its consumer revenue dropped 2 percent to $775 million during its second financial quarter as the trend of cord-cutting among its video customers continues.

The fiber-focused company reported revenue of $1.45 billion and a financial loss of $2 million during Q2 2023, attributed mainly to the company’s continued buildout of its next-generation broadband Internet and data network.

A net addition of 66,000 new fiber customers helped Frontier ear $462 million from its broadband product, a 9.7 percent increase compared to Q2 2022. The company said gains in broadband and voice services helped offset some declines in video customers.

“Our second-quarter results prove once again that our fiber internet is the best technology to meet the growing demand for high-speed, reliable connectivity,” Nick Jeffery, the president and CEO of Frontier, said in a statement.

Frontier offers fiber broadband services in more than 316,000 locations across 40 states.