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FreeCast forms business pact with antenna maker Mohu

The deal allows both brands to cross-promote their products to cord-cutters.

The deal allows both brands to cross-promote their products to cord-cutters.

Streaming aggregation platform Freecast says it has forged a business agreement with antenna manufacturer Mohu that will allow both companies to cross-promote each other’s products as a complete solution for cord-cutters.

The deal announced on Tuesday will see Mohu bundle their antennas with Freecast’s software and hardware-based streaming solutions. That includes FreeCast Home, a whole-home streaming solution that incorporates a white label version of Silicon Dust’s HD HomeRun Flex box for free broadcast television.

“Mohu and FreeCast are both companies with a long history of serving cord-cutters, helping consumers get rid of those high TV bills and enjoy free television,” William Mobley, the CEO of FreeCast, said in a statement. “Pairing Mohu antennas for local over-the-air broadcasts with FreeCast’s servicing unifying the various streaming providers makes great sense for consumers, and it makes sense for our companies to work together too.”

Mohu is the maker behind the popular flat indoor antennas called “Leaf,” which has been replicated by other manufacturers in the industry. The company was acquired by once-rival Antennas Direct in 2020, which allowed both companies to market low-profile indoor and outdoor antennas to cord-cutters who were moving away from expensive cable and satellite packages for free broadcast TV.

“As an Antennas Direct company since 2020, our goal is to bring modern technology, research, and development to your home reliably and affordably,” Richard Schneider, the president of Mohu, said on Tuesday. “By partnering with FreeCast, we’re able to reach an even larger market and spread the good news of [over-the-air] television. Our specialty is aesthetically pleasing antennas that are easy to install and easy to use – It’s everything you want in a TV antenna.”

Streamers who already have the FreeCast app or the FreeCast Home solution can purchase a Mohu antenna separately to complete their set-up. Mohu antennas are sold at popular retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

FreeCast Home costs $200 and is available through the FreeCast website.

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