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Sacramento news station KFBK looks to add more newsroom talent

Nearly six months after laying off their long-time news director, Sacramento radio station KFBK is ready to fill the position, though the job will come with more responsibilities.

In a job posting published last week, parent company iHeart Media solicited applications for a news director to serve the news-talk radio station in Sacramento. The role will require oversight and management of news products at KFBK (1530 AM, 93.1 FM) in Sacramento and at other iHeart Media radio stations throughout the Pacific region.

“(The) position will include full on-air shift and newsroom (news staff) management,” the job listing said, along with responsibilities that include “all aspects of news content,” budget management and the “hiring, scheduling and management of contributors and/or guests.”

The role is similar to one occupied by Mike Hagerty, KFBK’s former news director who was laid off in January ahead of a massive restructuring effort at iHeart Media. The company announced in May it had completed its restructuring process, which helped it eliminate around $10 billion in debt.

In addition to the regional news director role, KFBK is also hiring a full-time news anchor and a full-time news reporter, according to job listings spotted by The Desk. The company is also adding a part-time disc jockey and station announcer, a digital sales engineer and a part-time promotional representative at other stations in the Sacramento area.

KFBK is one of the last remaining radio “super stations” in the country, broadcasting at 50,000 watts on an AM radio frequency that can be heard up and down the western coast of the United States late at night. The station also simulcasts on an FM station that can be heard throughout the Sacramento region.

iHeart Media, previously Clear Channel Radio, operates more than 850 live radio stations in around 150 metropolitan areas throughout the United States. In addition to KFBK’s AM and FM stations, the company operates four full-power FM stations and one low-power FM station in the Sacramento market. The company distributes two of its commercial radio stations on satellite service SiriusXM and operates an ad-supported commercial streaming service.

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