CNN, Fox News audio simulcasts launch on

The 24-hour cable news networks are now available as free audio simulcasts on the Entercom-owned streaming platform.
(Logo: Entercom Comunications / Graphic: The Desk)

Entercom’s has added audio simulcasts from cable news outlets CNN and Fox News to its lineup, according to an email sent to The Desk.

The audio simulcasts are located in a new section called “Explore” within the app that started rolling out to users on Monday.

Audio simulcasts from CNN and Fox News have been available to subscribers of SiriusXM for more than a decade and are also offered on the free TuneIn app.

Along with CNN and Fox News, has added audio simulcasts from Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Radio London, CNN International and HLN.

The national and international news streams live alongside several all-news local radio stations Entercom acquired from CBS Radio in 2017, including WCBS (880 AM) and WINS (1010 AM) in New York City, KNX (1070 AM) in Los Angeles, KCBS (740 AM) in San Francisco and WBBM (780 AM) in Chicago.

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