Philo insulated from effects of ViacomCBS merger for now

The company's CEO says a pre-merger agreement will keep Comedy Central, MTV and other Viacom-produced channels on the budget streamer for at least another year.
Philo Chief Executive Officer Andrew McCollum
Philo Chief Executive Officer Andrew McCollum is pictured in an undated image. (Photo: Philo/Handout, Graphic: The Desk)


Philo, which costs $20 a month, is not affected by the immediate aftermath of the ViacomCBS merger, with its agreement grandfathered in to pre-merger terms, the CEO says.

• Chief executive Andrew McCollum downplayed any future addition of the CBS channels should ViacomCBS demand carriage at a later time.

• ViacomCBS is one of four primary investor-owners of Philo, which could complicate matters should the wallet-friendly streamer be confronted with a choice of adding the full portfolio of ViacomCBS channels at a later date.

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