Disney to rename Fox channels in Latin America

(Image: Fox Corporation/Graphic: The Desk)

The Walt Disney Company plans to rename a handful of Fox-branded channels in Latin America that were acquired as part of the entertainment company’s acquisition of Fox assets last year.

The announcement was made in a statement distributed to pay TV operators in several Latin American countries with international variants of Fox and its sister channel Fox Life.

In February, Disney will re-brand Fox to Star Channel and Fox Life to Star Life. Both channels are available in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The re-brand comes several weeks after Disney executives announced they would similarly change the names of several domestic film and studio assets acquired from Fox Corporation in 2019. The company is also building a new streaming service that will incorporate its own TV shows and movies that are geared toward an older audience.

That streaming service, which is also expected to be called Star, will be similar to Disney’s stateside service Hulu, except Disney will not carry any licensed third-party content. Company executives are expected to announce more details about the Star streaming service at an investor conference on December 10.

Disney continues to operate other Fox-branded channels in Europe, North Africa and Asia, though these channels could also re-launch under the Star branding in the future.