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Discovery Plus lands 15 million paying subscribers

Discovery Communications has grabbed more than 15 million paying subscribers to its Discovery Plus streaming service, the company announced in an earnings release on Wednesday.

The subscriber count includes international customers who pay for localized versions of Discovery Plus in other countries. Last quarter, Discovery said it had 13 million paying subscribers.

Discovery Plus has been a hit with budget-conscious consumers who are moving away from expensive cable and satellite television packages toward cheaper, Internet-based options. It launched in the United States earlier this year, charging streamers around $5 a month to watch thousands of hours of reality-based and general knowledge content. That version is supported by brief commercial interruptions; a commercial-free version of the service is available for an extra $2 a month.

The cheap price point has made it an easy buy for households who already have a premium streaming service like Netflix ($14 a month), Amazon Prime Video ($12 a month) or HBO Max ($15 a month).

The service is widely supported across popular streaming platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV (Google TV), smartphones, tablets and game consoles.