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Jeopardy! becomes first voice-powered game on Roku

A Roku user plays "Jeopardy!" through the Volley app. (Courtesy image)
A Roku user plays “Jeopardy!” through the Volley app. (Courtesy image)

A software developer has launched the first voice-powered game on Roku’s streaming television platform.

The game, Jeopardy!, is available within the Volley app, which is available to download for free in the Roku Channel Store. Volley said the game, developed in partnership with Sony Pictures Television, is the first game that taps Roku’s voice-powered remote control.

“Over 20 million people have played Volley games on smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home; expanding to the Roku platform presents a massive opportunity to introduce more consumers to voice-enabled games that can be played alone or with family and friends,” Max Child, the co-founder and CEO of Volley, said in a statement. “The launch of our Jeopardy! game on Roku is the first of many games we plan to release on this platform in the near future.”

Suzanne Prete, the executive vice president of game shows at Sony Pictures, said the game allows Roku users to do what many Jeopardy! fans have done for the show’s six-decade run: Shout responses to Jeopardy! clues at their TV sets.

“Volley’s voice AI technology enhances the gaming experience for fans of this beloved franchise, enabling them to engage in new, exciting ways,” Prete said.

Jeopardy! and other game shows have been available within the Volley app for some time, but the developer says it is the first time users will be able to engage with AI-powered technology to further enhance the game experience.

While the Volley app itself is free, the games require a $10 per month subscription beyond a one-week free trial.